To assure that we have the most current information on local Crime Stoppers Organizations in Nebraska we are currently updating all information.

If you don’t see your Crime Stoppers Organization here, and it should be, please let us know.

If your local Crime Stoppers Organization does not have a website, or you would like to increase your Organizations web presence, see the “link’ below titled, “Your Local Crime Stoppers HERE,” to see a sample of what NCS may be able to offer your Organizations.


Cass County Crime Stoppers

Columbus Crime Stoppers

Lincoln Crime Stoppers

Lincoln County Crime Stoppers

Omaha Crime Stoppers

Saunders County Crime Stoppers

Siouxland Crime Stoppers

Your Local Crime Stoppers HERE…Click to learn how.

Safety Tip


  • Always travel with another person, particularly at night.
  • Walk with a purpose and project an assertive and business-like image. Criminals will be discouraged if you do not appear vulnerable or easily intimidated.